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Turkish Airlines Flight Attendant Left With Broken Back After Yet Another Severe Turbulence Incident

Turkish Airlines Flight Attendant Left With Broken Back After Yet Another Severe Turbulence Incident

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A Turkish Airlines flight attendant has reportedly been left with a broken back in yet another severe turbulence incident after she was thrown up towards the ceiling when the Airbus A321 aircraft suddenly dropped.

According to local media reports, the young cabin crew member was seriously injured during the short 50-minute domestic flight from Istanbul to Izmir when turbulence struck just moments after the pilots had turned on the fasten seat belt signs.

The crew member, who has only been on the job for two months, was thrown violently up towards the ceiling and then back down onto the cabin crew.

Upon landing in Izmir, the crew member was taken to a hospital, where it was confirmed she had sustained a broken vertebra. The crew member remains in hospital receiving treatment.

The incident happened just a day before six cabin crew on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin were injured when their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was rocked by severe turbulence as it was overflying turbulence.

The aircraft was met by a fleet of ambulances and fire engines after it landed without incident in Dublin. Airport authorities later said that eight passengers were taken to hospital due to injuries sustained during the turbulence.

A Singapore Airlines flight attendant is also still in hospital in Bangkok after she underwent spinal surgery following the severe fata turbulence event on flight SQ321, which seriously injured scores of passengers, with many suffering head, neck and spinal injuries.

One passenger died from a suspected heart attack.

In response to the incident, Singapore Airlines says it will now suspend meal services whenever the seatbelt sign is on, and cabin crew will be instructed to strap themselves into their jumpseats.

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