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MAGA Cap-Wearing American Airlines Passenger Accuses Flight Attendant of Deliberately Skipping Her While Serving Drinks

MAGA Cap-Wearing American Airlines Passenger Accuses Flight Attendant of Deliberately Skipping Her While Serving Drinks

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A self-proclaimed independent journalist and diehard Trump supporter has accused an American Airlines flight attendant of deliberately skipping her during the drinks service in First Class because she was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.

Heather Mullins blasted the flight attendant in a post on X, saying she was in ‘shock’ at the treatment she received and that she was ‘sad’ that she had been discriminated against in America because of what she was wearing.

“I’ve worn my MAGA hat every time I’ve flown for the last four years and got thousands of fist bumps. NEVER got any hate,” Mullins said in the now-viral post.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything. I just had the flight attendant for American Airlines SKIP ME in first class when asking everyone if they wanted a drink!!,” Mullins continued.

“She asked the guy next to me and then walked away. I thought it was odd she didn’t ask me. So when she came back I asked her if I could get a drink, and in the nastiest voice, she was like ‘No. I’ll be back for you.’ and proceeded to serve the people behind me. They were then in shock.”

Mullins added that she did eventually get a drink but she was the last passenger sitting in First Class to be served.

That was enough for Mullins to post a photo of the flight attendant, along with her photo of her ID badge and name from Flight AA1413 from Detroit to Philadelphia on Sunday.

Mullins has amassed more than 112,000 followers on X, where she regularly posts pro-Trump material, but on Sunday and Monday, she mainly focused her attention on American Airlines and the flight attendant.

After attempting but failing to make a complaint during her layover, Mullins says she was eventually able to file her complaint and that an airline representative has reached out, saying that they will open an investigation and speak with the flight attendant.

Depending on what they find, the flight attendant could even be terminated, but Mullins will never find out the outcome of the investigation.

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  • Sucks to be stupid AND wear advertisement proving it.

    Being “the last in first class to get alcohol” and “doxing the FA” just means stupid is as stupid does.

  • It’s just as rude taking a crew members picture without permission and then having the nerve to post it. She sounds like a spoiled little bitch and reconfirms the saying that you can take a girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl and I’m talking a single wide trailer park for this fruit cake .

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