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She Said Yes: United Airlines Flight Attendant Pops the Question at 38,000 Feet

She Said Yes: United Airlines Flight Attendant Pops the Question at 38,000 Feet

A flight attendant couple who were working on the same flight got engaged mid-flight when Benicio Del Torres popped the nerve-racking question at 38,000 feet and halfway over the Atlantic Ocean on a recent United Airlines international flight to Frankfurt, Germany.

“Out of all places on the world, what a more fitting way to ask the love of your life to marry you than while on a plane,” Del Torres said in an Instagram post celebrating the moment.

Both Del Toress and his now-fiance Stephanie Scott who are veteran flight attendants for United were working the flight and had finished the cabin service when Del Torres got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life.

“I’ll never finish falling in love with you,” he wrote to Stephanie in his Instagram post. “Thank you for wanting to spend the rest of your life with me. I can’t imagine life any other way. I’ll love you at sea level, at 38,000 feet or wherever life has us. I’ll be there by your side.”

The happy couple may even decide to get married on a plane – just like a Southwest Airlines pilot did with his now-wife in April during a Southwest flight from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

The full wedding ceremony took place during a routine commercial service which family members had bought tickets to be on in order to witness the nuptials. Southwest pilot York Zentner met Sabrina Solesbee at one of the airline’s ticket counters in Las Vegas and she would regularly travel with York on his work trips.

The couple chose the Las Vegas to South Lake City flight because they met in Las Vegas but plan to move to Salt Lake City. The wedding was even officiated by a fellow Southwest Airlines pilot who is one of York’s close friends.

In 2018, Emirates warmed hearts when it shared a video of one of its cabin crew being surprised with an in-flight proposal on a flight between Rome and Dubai.

Unbeknown to the crew member, her boyfriend had organised the surprise and as she walked through the curtains into the Economy cabin she was greeted by a sea of passengers holding aloft stems of red roses.

Her boyfriend then emerged, got down on one knee and popped the big questions. She also said yes.

In-flight romance, however, doesn’t always go down well. A member of cabin crew for China Eastern Airlines was fired when her boyfriend proposed to her onboard a flight. Even though she had no control over her boyfriend’s actions, China Eastern claimed she had neglected passenger safety.

Unsurprisingly, China Eastern was labelled “heartless” over the decision.

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