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Rock of Ages Actors Say American Airlines Left Their Luggage Covered in Sewage and ‘Faecal Matter’

Rock of Ages Actors Say American Airlines Left Their Luggage Covered in Sewage and ‘Faecal Matter’

Two British actors who are currently starring in a tour of the smash-hit musical ‘Rock of Ages’ claim American Airlines left their luggage covered in sewage and faecal matter after a recent flight from Miami to New York.

The revolting incident occurred on Saturday after Luke Walsh and Rhiannon Chesterman traveled with a group from storm-battered south Florida.  Walsh claims 21 members of the group had checked luggage and every single case was covered in ‘brown liquid’.

Walsh, who plays aspiring rocker Drew Boley in the UK touring production of Broadway hit Rock of Ages, tweeted American Airlines, saying: “21 of us just arrived in NYC from Miami. All our cases have been covered in sewage from the plane.”

“Literally brown liquid and fecal (sic) matter. They are all disgusting and we need them to be replaced immediately.”

In a follow-up tweet, Walsh wrote: “Our belongings are also obviously stinking too”.

American Airlines hadn’t got round to replying to Walsh but fellow actor Rhiannon Chesterman who plays his love interest in Rock of Ages backed up his complaint.

“Do you know what I love? I love it when you get an @AmericanAir flight from Miami to NYC & all your bags come off literally stinking of shit & garbage,” Chesterman wrote. “This is a #biohazard issue”.

American Airlines has been battling an operational meltdown at its Miami hub after bad weather caused long delays and cancellations. On Saturday, the airline cancelled at least 343 flights and more than 500 were delayed.

The situation was marginally better on Sunday with nearly 200 flights proactively cancelled as American Airlines struggled to get crew and planes back into position.

Some passengers say they waited in lines at Miami airport for over six hours to rebook cancelled flights. Others said AA couldn’t offer any alternatives flights until Tuesday or Wednesday for cancelled departures on Saturday.

How luggage on one particular came to be allegedly covered in sewage, however, remains a mystery. American Airlines has been contacted for comment.

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