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Wizz Air’s Abu Dhabi Venture Will No Longer Return to Russia as Planned

Wizz Air’s Abu Dhabi Venture Will No Longer Return to Russia as Planned

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi says it will not resume non-stop flights to Russia on October 3 as planned, citing “supply chain” issues for its decision to keep its return to Moscow on hold.

The airline is a joint venture between Europe’s Wizz Air and the ADQ investment and holding company which is owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. ADQ owns a 51 per cent stake in Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and the airline is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi only launched flights to Moscow in December 2021 but quickly suspended the route at the outset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The UAE has not, however, imposed sanctions on the Putin regime and other local airlines have continued to fly to Russia throughout the conflict.

Managing director Michael Berlouis told the media earlier this month that Wizz Air Abu Dhabi would “support the UAE’s travel and tourism industry” by resuming flights between Abu Dhabi and Moscow Vnukovo beginning October 3.

Berlouis said the return to Russia was “in line with national regulations and policies” but the decision drew sharp criticism from European passengers of the Hungary-based Wizz Air.

On Friday, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi only said it would delay its return to Russia due to “supply chain limitations” without providing any further information. In recent weeks, it was revealed Russia would start stripping aircraft for spare parts due to Western sanctions.

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