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Rumour: Emirates Won’t Start Recruitment Until April 2018 – But What’s the Truth?

Rumour: Emirates Won’t Start Recruitment Until April 2018 – But What’s the Truth?

The Emirates April 2018 Recruitment Rumour: What's the Truth?

About a week ago we received a tip-off from an Emirates insider who suggested that new ab-initio Cabin Crew courses wouldn’t restart at the airline’s training school until April 2018.  It was awful news and we realised this would come as a massive blow to the many aspiring Cabin Crew who have been ‘on-hold’ for many months now.

But we initially debated whether to write a post about this news.  It’s not that we didn’t trust the truthfulness of the rumour – it had come from a trusted source who only intended to help.  We’re confident it wasn’t meant to be malicious.  But it was undoubtedly bad news and without any further information, we decided to hold back.

Yet it didn’t take long for the rumour to spread and to become common knowledge.  With the news now being openly talked about, we reassessed our stance.  We could simply stay quiet – after all, our motto is #AchieveYourDream, not #DestroyYourDream.  But we also believe in empowering our readers by sharing information which helps to make informed decisions.

Without any official update from Emirates, we sometimes have to rely on other sources.  So here’s the background between the rumour and what it could mean for the future:

Emirates Wanted to Start New Training Courses This Summer

By now, many successful candidates have waited ‘on-hold’ for nearly a year.  They’ve received a couple of updates from Emirates but haven’t been offered any kind of timeframe for when they might join the airline.  It’s now understood that the recruitment team wanted to offer ‘on-hold’ candidates a start date later in the summer – possibly in August.

Unfortunately, that idea has been put on ice after a review of the company’s financial position.  With a clearer picture emerging of passenger demand and workforce resourcing, the airline’s trainers have been given a tentative date of April 2018 for new recruits to join the airline.

But it’s important to note that this date isn’t set in stone.  Passenger demand could improve, the oil price might rise or increasing numbers of serving Cabin Crew might choose to resign.  These factors could easily see the airline bring forward their plans.

The Length of the Recruitment Freeze is Unprecedented

Remember, the tip-off is about ab-initio training and not recruitment.  There’s no way of knowing whether recruitment will start at the same time or possibly even before ab-initio training.  During better times it could take between 3-6 months for a successful candidate to go from Final Interview to getting on an Emirates aircraft, bound for Dubai.

If the rumour turns out to be true then it will be an unprecedented period of time in which Emirates hasn’t recruited new Cabin Crew.  Having said that, senior managers have been warning both customers and staff that these are not ‘normal’ times.  Only recently, an internal memo warned that vacant non-operational roles would only be filled if “absolutely critical.”

And the situation hasn’t escaped the notice of banks based in Dubai.  We’ve received information that banks throughout the UAE have been put on notice to refuse loans and other credit services to Emirates staffers.  At the moment, a total ban is restricted to office-based, non-operational employees but extra scrutiny is being paid to all loan applications from Emirates staff.

Emirates Has the Ability to Transform Lives

The question now is – what do you do while you wait?  Do you even continue to wait?  Unfortunately, we can’t provide the definitive answer but only say: Do what makes you happy.  Only you can decide whether to pursue your dream with another airline or maybe even given up on Emirates for the time being.

But there is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting to pursue your dream with Emirates.  And certainly, no reason to feel ashamed or made to feel bad because of your decision.  No airline is perfect – you’ll have to make compromises for whatever airline you choose to work for.  But Emirates does have the ability to transform lives and we understand why you want this so badly.

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    • Never lose hope, Richard! Sadly, I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the recruitment crisis facing Emirates – the length of the recruitment suspension has been longer than we imagined it would be. We still believe things might improve by the end of the year and will post new information as soon as we get it!

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