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Anti-Masker State Senator Who Was Banned By Alaska Airlines Catches COVID-19 And Immediately Tries Ivermectin

Anti-Masker State Senator Who Was Banned By Alaska Airlines Catches COVID-19 And Immediately Tries Ivermectin

An Alaska State Senator who was banned by Alaska Airlines for her anti-masker antics has tested positive for COVID-19 and has said that she will keep a promise of staying out of the hospital by taking a combination of unproven treatments including the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin.

Senator Lara Reinbold, a Republican who previously described Alaska Airlines flights attendants as “mask bullies”, was banned by the airline in April after refusing to comply with its face mask rules.

The Eagle River lawmaker was barred from getting on an Alaska Airlines flight to Anchorage from the remote Alaska state capital of Juneau after being spotted arguing with two airline staffers over the mask mandate. Only Alaska Airlines flies from Juneau to Anchorage.

Reinbold has been on Alaska’s no-fly list ever since, making it almost impossible for her to get to the state capital from her home 600 miles away. A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines said the ban was only initiated after at least two mask related incidents by the senator.

In recent weeks, Reinbold has pursued an anti-vaccine stance and has railed against Alaska Airlines for backing President Biden’s proposed vaccine mandate for government contractors. On Wednesday, Reinbold shared a photo of what appeared to be the Gadsden flag hanging from the door of an Alaska Airlines flight.

The bright yellow Gasden flag features a curled up snake and the words “Don’t tread on me”. It was designed by Christopher Gadsden during the American Revolution and has become a symbol of far-right extremists in recent months.

The flag was purportedly hung from the flight deck window of a Southwest Airlines plane in protest at Southwest’s vaccine mandate and featured in a photo that went viral.

“Its (sic) my turn to battle Covid head on… game on! Who do you think is going to win?” Reinbold asked her followers in a recent Facebook post. “When I defeat it, I will tell you my recipe,” she continued.

Reinbold said she was fighting COVID-19 with a combination of vitamins, aspirin and the unproven anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin which Reinbold described as “the de-covider”. It’s not clear how Reinbold got hold of the drug but some people have made themselves very ill by buying the animal version of the drug from farm supply shops.

“My naturopath gave me tips too- that I am sure will work! I will update you in a few days,” Reinbold continued.

She was less impressed with advice from her local health department to try Tylenol which can help as a fever reducer. Reinbold described the acetaminophen in Tylenol as a “bad recipe”.

On Wednesday, Reinbold was active on Facebook sharing anti-vaccine mandate articles and taking aim at airlines that were requiring their employees to get vaccinated.

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    • The more the government intrudes on personal decisions the more people will fight back. Also the author seems to be one of those who sneer at ivermectin as only an animal drug while it is already has been used as a human version used for decades all around ghe world. I do agree that people should only use the human version as prescribed my a human medical professional.

      • You are correct, there has been a human version for years. You seem to miss the fact, like people with hydroxychloraquin, that Covid-19 is a virus. Ivermectin is a anti parasitic, hydroxychloraquin is a anti malaria drug. Goes back to the same reason that ethical, intelligent doctors do not give antibiotics for the flu. I’m going to say this once more…if a person with Covid gets better after taking a quack-pack with ivermectin, vitamins, hydroxychloraquin, etc (hell, throw in some M and Ms too, what could it hurt) they were going to get better anyway. I learned this fact during the Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, etc al that I took while obtaining my Registered Nurse degree.

    • It is actually “ignorent” to knot know something. That is the definition of the word. It is clear that you know nothing about Ivermectin or the actual results in someone who is suffering from Covid. Thus… You are infact ignorant of which you speak.

      When’s these politics no longer matter, people will look back and wonder why people like you were unwilling to try something and just let people die. From first hand experience, Ivermectin works. And I hope you have some on hand if someone you love gets covid and starts having breathing issues. If you like, take it on the way to the hospital, they will most likely be breathing fine by the time you get there. Have the liquid on hand, it works faster and is effective for the throat issues with covid.

      • It’s dangerous to perpetuate knowing a cure for COVID using the anti-parasitic drug, which yes, has been used in humans for decades. BUT as an anti- parasitic, not an anti-viral! Even it’s own manufacturer states this is not to be used to treat COVID. And before you float some conspiracy about why they say this, know that they are putting forth a different medication for treatment. I really hope that congress woman has the day she deserves though. 🤠she’s an embarrassment to her office.

    • Well, I hope that she lives.

      That’s about all I can say to this ignorant and idiotic belief and response.

      Jeez …….

    • I must laugh at those who won’t get a scientifically FDA approved vaccination but will treat themselves with an animal drug not approved for treating Covid. Can you spell H y p o c r i t e????

      • We will see who has the last laugh on that…. If you blindly believe everything the FDA approved in the past was safe then you are the fool… but hey…. Everyone has the right to choose… I don’t begrudge people who decided to take the vaccine …

  • Typical example of anti- vaxer and anti- vaccine. And she is in power to persuade others about health advice of which she is so ignorant about. Since she has not been vaccinated and ends up in hospital—- she is taking up the private room of a truly ill person. We experienced this when my husband had a heart attack a month ago.
    All the private rooms were occupied by covid— many who were never vaccinated. So my husband had to wait in a huge tent in parking lot of hospital until one of their FEW rooms opened up.

    • You are so wrong. It’s the vaccinated that are spreading the virus the fastest. You really need to stop believing the government and find facts that the media won’t tell you about. Go on the CEV website and look up the VAERS reports. Look at all the people who have already been killed by this vaccine.Look up the Front Line doctors and listen closely to what they say about it. When doctors and nurses are losing their jobs for not wanting to take it, that alone should be a fair warning to the public. This vaccine kills many within days of recieving it, others within weeks, for those that do survive it, their immune system is now so damaged they’ll be lucky to fight off a common cold. In five years time, no one that took this vaccine will be left. Then the Communist/ Democratic agenda to depopulate will be complete.

    • I hope your husband is doing well now. You should write the story down. It’s important for now and it will be important later when people are looking back at how we handled Covid.

  • It’s karma. May all of those who politicize a health issue get the COVID. If they listened to doctors and scientists we would have this pandemic under control and wouldn’t have to wear masks everywhere. Enough people have died listening to these idiots. Hope she uses bleach and animal dewormer to get well.

  • Ivermectin worked for me, my wife, and my best friend. We all caught Covid most likely from his “fully vaccinated” wife who developed symptoms, then later tested positive, just before we all got sick . The developers of Ivermectin got a Nobel prize for it’s development as an antiviral for people. It is used in the farming industry, but it is originally developed for people. My wife wouldn’t take it until, in the middle of the night, she wasn’t breathing right. She complained about her breathing. She took a teaspoon, just a teaspoon, of Ivermectin and in minutes was back in bed sleeping and breathing like a baby. I never had the breathing issues, because I took 1 teaspoon of Ivermectin each day as soon as I had symptoms. My best friend started having a bad case, and had blown off Ivermectin. I dropped off some, he finally decided to give it a try. His breathing cleared very fast, and the rest of his symptoms calmed down. Ivermectin works! When it’s life or death, it’s worth trying a teaspoon of it. I believe the liquid is more effective than the pills, because of the effect it has in your throat. It is numbing and antiviral, you get immediate relief from the dry caught. It is anti-logical to just knock it and let people die. Ivermectin works, and works well!

    • I hope all of you ignorant people get it and die or….Best hope is someone you love more than anything in the world gets it and dies!!! Hopefully one of your kids!!

    • The Nobel Prize had to do with Ivermectin as a treatment for parasitic infections, not for viruses. So using it as a Covid-19 treatment has absolutely nothing to do with the Nobel Prize. Way to push misinformation though!

    • Do a quick Google search…Ivermectin was awarded a Nobel Prize, for treating parasites in humans. It has never received any recognition as an antiviral, because it is not an antiviral. The makers have issued strong warnings regarding this.

  • She is stupid and dangerous. How many others has she infected? I hope she gets voted out of office. There are too many idiots in govt.

  • Stupid and dangerous x 10. Perhaps she should have a horse colic exam if she gets a stomach ache. My horse friends will understand this procedure.

  • Imagine a generation of Americans refusing to take the polio vaccine! Where would we be today? It seems stupidity rules the day. People like this woman need to DIE, decrease the surplus population, and hopefully by exiting the scene, help clean up the gene pool.

    • People who smoke deserve to die of cancer. People who don’t exercise and get fat deserve to die of a heart attack. People who drink and drive deserve to die in a car accident. People who eat too much sugar deserve to die of diabetes.
      What a wonderful frame of mind to make this world a nicer place to live in. Thanks Bo!

  • Good for her… Ivermectin works for me too…along with Quercetin,D3,C and Zinc…. I would rather poke a needle in my eye then trust an experimental vaccine which doesn’t work in the first place.

  • If she doesn’t want the mask or the vac that’s on her. Let her get sick. Just stop expoing others and talking stupid about it. Not a very good representative. And stay out of the hospital using a bed someone else needs

  • Thanks, Mateusz! Dutifully and mindlessly spreading your far left Team’s vapid talking points. Because that’s what miles/points/travel blogs are all about. Amirite?!
    Oh, and just for clarity, there’s a huge difference between being antivax and being anti-mandates. But obviously you are either too dim to see that or willfully ignore that fact. And obviously you only get your “info” from CNN because the whole “Ivermectin is a livestock de-wormer!!” schtick has been long since proven to be a very dumb and harmful take, at the least, and just a sign you are a mind-numbed robot regurgitating said dumb take. Expand your info horizons and stop spreading disinformation and try thinking for yourself for a change.
    Or carry on as just another vapid lefty regurgitator of Team Left dogma without a hint of self-awareness or original thought.
    (I predict the latter.) lol

  • I personally don’t care if you get well or not as long as you stay off the plane. Work, or don’t work, for your constituents from your home 600 miles away. We will all be safer. I got some cat pills left over, you want them?

    • Exactly!! I heard from my naturopath that hairball meds work great on COVID. Plus I read it (here first!) on the internet so it must be true.

  • The paste for equines should make you pretty sick, why would anybody take a horse medication. I used it for de-worming my horse!!!!!! Just get the shot!!!!!

  • Personally I applaud the airlines. It is just a mask not the end of the world. If it helps from infecting someone else so be it. It is not about anyone’s rifhtit is just a matter of doing the right thing which seems to be very hard for humanity these days as it seems everything is always about themselves. Over people.

  • What a total moron (and apparently she’s one of many). Stay home so you don’t infect others and pass on hospital treatment if you end up needing it so someone truly ill, ( with a functioning brain) can use it.

  • Darn, I wish I would have referred my three friends who died of covid to her so she could’ve cured them! I’m sure these doctors have no idea about her “recipe” for cure!

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