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British Airways Crew Banned From All-Inclusive Hotel After Drunk Newbie Flight Attendant Found Collapsed On Beach

British Airways Crew Banned From All-Inclusive Hotel After Drunk Newbie Flight Attendant Found Collapsed On Beach

British Airways aircrew have been banned from buying an all-inclusive package at a luxury hotel in the Maldives after a newbie flight attendant was found collapsed and drunk on a beach at the resort.

According to local media reports, British Airways only pays for a basic room only package for aircrew who are on a layover in the Maldives but pilots and cabin crew had, until recently, been able to pay out of their own pocket to upgrade to an all inclusive package with free flowing booze.

Following the latest incident, the hotel allegedly told British Airways that aircrew would no longer be able to buy the all inclusive package.  British Airways has accepted the sanction because other appropriate layover hotels are hard to come by in the Maldives.

The flight attendant involved had apparently only flown four flights with BA when she was found in a drunken stupor on the beach.  An investigation by the hotel revealed she hadn’t actually bought the all inclusive package but that other crew had been giving her drinks.

British Airways has opened its own investigation and the flight attendant could face disciplinary proceedings.

In 2019, three cabin crew faced disciplinary proceedings after drunk hijinks at a layover hotel in Singapore.  A fellow crew member reported them to management after they were seen sprinting naked along the hotel corridors.

The airline had already been forced to find a new layover hotel in Singapore after the previous hotel refused to renew a lucrative contract due to problems with raucous aircrew which culminated in a crew member stripping naked and running through the hotel lobby.

British Airways was also forced to find a new crew hotel in Nairobi, Kenya after drunken crew members allegedly caused damage in the hotel’s lobby.

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  • “A fellow crew member reported them to management” – I think you’ll find that was most likely one of those arrogant power hungry ex-Mixed Fleet Unite reps aka HCCU band of circus freaks. In cahoots with management and robbing members money. Incidentally Unite offices raided by police very recently…a corrupt organisation…

  • This is why flight attendants and pilots can’t have nice things anymore, like all-you-can-drink adult beverages at the bar during a layover.

  • Jeez, what’s so awful about sprinting naked through a hotel? Not as tho she had her uniform on, bringing shame to the airline. I challenge anyone to poll the public to find out how many people have never had too much to drink and ‘taken a little nap’ during a party. What rubbish. The civilized world is being taken over by the politically-correct zealots.

    • They’re representing BA when at hotel. All businesses have certain expectations when they’re paying for your hotel.

      This wasn’t a drunk weekend away from work.

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