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Brazilian Airline Ordered to Pay Costs of Cosmetic Treatments for Female Cabin Crew

Brazilian Airline Ordered to Pay Costs of Cosmetic Treatments for Female Cabin Crew

A Brazilian airline has been told that it must cover the cost of makeup as well as other “cosmetic treatments” that female cabin crew undergo in order to comply with the airline’s grooming policy.

Female flight attendants at Brazilian carrier GOL Airlines are required to wear makeup and present a well-turned out appearance including freshly manicured nails.

The Santa Catarina labor ministry court ruled that unlike their male colleagues, female cabin crew at the carrier were contractually expected to hand over some of their wages to alter their appearance for the sake of the airline.

The court ordered GOL Airlines to “provide, free of charge, to all its female employees, the makeup set provided for in its personal presentation code, as well as pay for cosmetic procedures”. Those procedures include manicures and hair removal, 24 Matins reports.

The ruling, which was made on July 29 but has only now been reported by local media, requires GOL to pay female staff 220 reais per month to cover the extra cost of complying with its grooming handbook. 220 reais is equivalent to around US $42.

The airline will be expected to pay compensation to around 4,000 female staff including flight attendants and airport ground staff.

GOL attempted to fight the class action suit claiming the cosmetic treatments and makeup looks in the grooming handbook were only “recommendations”. The court ruled in favour of a labor union, finding GOL guilty of gender discrimination that effectively reduced the pay of female staff compared to their male counterparts.

The airline has also been ordered to pay the equivalent of around $94,700 in ‘moral’ damages.

GOL Airlines said it would appeal the ruling.

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