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British Airways ‘Mixed Fleet’ Cabin Crew Destinations and Route Changes 2019/2020

British Airways ‘Mixed Fleet’ Cabin Crew Destinations and Route Changes 2019/2020

Unlike many airlines, British Airways has three different types of cabin crew working out of its Heathrow (LHR) hub.  Not only do these three types (or fleet’s) of cabin crew have different contracts and varying terms and conditions, they also operate different routes and never operate on the same plane together.

All BA cabin crew who joined the airline after 2010 are known as ‘Mixed Fleet’ crew – the name comes from the fact that they operate both short-haul routes and long-haul routes.  The other two fleets of crew are Worldwide crew (who only operate long-haul flights) and Eurofleet crew – who, as the name suggests, only fly on domestic and European routes.

Because the three crew types can’t mix, Mixed Fleet has its own route network –  destinations that are solely operated by Mixed Fleet cabin crew.  British Airways currently flies to a total of 183 destinations in 70 countries and across six continents.  Mixed Fleet cabin crew operate approximately 49 short-haul routes and XX long-haul routes.

Due to the fact that British Airways now only employs Mixed Fleet crew at LHR the number of destinations the fleet operates has steadily increased over the years.  The destinations do change occasionally and we’ve highlighted the routes that are likely to be swapped in the coming months.  We’ll keep this page updated as changes happen.

British Airways Mixed Fleet European Destinations

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Airport Code City Notes
ABZ Aberdeen
AMM Amman
ARN Stockholm Arlanda
BEY Beirut
BHD Belfast
BIA Bastia Corsica
BIO Bilbao
BIQ Biarritz
BLL Billund
BSL Basel EuroAirport
BRU Brussels
BUD Budapest
CHQ Chania Crete
DUB Dublin
DUS Dusseldorf
FAO Faro Algarve
FRA Frankfurt
GOT Gothernberg
HAM Hamburg
HEL Helsinki
IBZ Ibiza
JMK Mykonos
JTR Santorini
KEF Keflavik
KLX Kalamata
KRK Krakow John Paul II International Airport
LBA Leeds Bradford
LCA Larnaca Cyprus
LED Pulkovo St Petersburg
LEI Almería
LIN Milan Linate Milan
LIS Lisbon
LJU Ljubljana Slovenia
LPA Gran Canaria
LUX Luxembourg
LYS Lyon–Saint Exupéry Lyon
MAD Madrid BA460 and BA459 only
MAH Menorca
MAN Manchester
MUC Munich
OLB Olbia Sardinia
OTP Bucharest
PMI Mallorc
RHO Rhodes
SOF Sofia
SPU Split
TFS Tenerife
VIE Vienna
ZAG Zagreb

British Airways Mixed Fleet Long-Haul Destinations

Airport Code City Notes
ATL Atlanta
AUH Abu Dhabi
AUS Austin
BKK Bangkok
BOS Boston BA239 and BA238 only
CAI Cairo
CPT Cape Town
DEL Delhi BA257 and BA256 only
DME Moscow Domodedovo
DUR Durban
DXB Dubai BA150, BA104, BA107 and BA106 only
EZE Buenos Aires
HYD Hyderabad
IAH Houston
ICN Seoul
JNB Johanesburg
KIX Kansai Osaka
KUL Kuala Lumpur
LAS Las Vegas
LAX Los Angeles  Certain services only – shared with Worldwide
MCT Muscat
MIA Miami Certain services only – shared with Worldwide
NAS Nassau Bahamas and GCM – Grand Cayman
NBO Nairobi
ORD Chicago BA297 and BA296 only
PEK Beijing
PHX Phoenix
PIT Pittsburg
PVG Shanghai
SAN San Diego
SCL Santiago
SEA Seattle
SIN Singapore
SYD Sydney
SJC San Jose
SVO Sheremetyevo Moscow
TLV Tel Aviv
YYC Calgary
YYZ Toronto


To find out more about the Mixed Fleet contract and its pay and benefits check out this article: British Airways Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits 2017.

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    • We never reveal our sources ?
      However, we believe this to be the most up to date list. It was updated about 2 months ago.

  • Hi, we’re flying from Edinburgh-Heathrow-Dubai during the proposed strike period, as none of these appear on the mixed fleet list are we likely to be lucky?

    • Hi there! You would be incredibly unlucky to get caught up in disruption from the proposed strike with the route you’re flying. There is an incredibly small risk that BA will combine flights (including otherwise unaffected flights) in order to spread their non-striking crew out further. But this is unlikely to happen on your flight. I hope you have a fantastic trip. Please let us know if you do experience any disruption as a result of the strike!

      • Many thanks, that’s perked us up a bit! I’m a BA Silver Card Holder as I fly over 50 domestics a year, but it’s one thing flying to work and an altogether different concern when it’s a family holiday! Thanks for responding so quickly and i appreciate your informed opinion

    • BA will plan to operate as many services as possible. During the last few strikes, BA managed to get everyone to their destination – Either by combining flights, using charter flights or reutilising their spare staff. It’s doubtful whether BA will be willing to refund you unless you have a fully flex ticket. More information will be posted about how the airline plans to operate through the strike period in the coming weeks.

  • I’m flying to Copenhagen on July 3, which is listed as changing to Mixed Fleet on July 1. Is it likely or even possible that BA will postpone the changed category in light of the flight?
    Also, my sister is flying to Bergen on July 8, which is not listed here but I’ve seen it included on other lists. Should I assume this list is definitive?
    Many thanks.

    • Hello Stephen. I’m going to make some enquiries to make sure I give you the latest information. I’ll post a further response later.

        • I’m really sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far at all. Having had sight of the official list I can tell you that Copenhagen is due to switch in July – the exact date is not listed so there is every possibility your flight will not be affected. Bergen appears to have been a destination once operated by Mixed Fleet but is no longer on their network. It does not appear on the official list, although some serving FA’s think they fly there, some don’t!

    • Cyprus isn’t operated by Mixed Fleet. So apart from the reasons mentioned further below you should be absolutely fine!

  • I am flying to London Heathrow from Miami Intl on August 12. Will our flight be affected by this strike?

    • Hello. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Long haul services are unlikely to be affected – especially an important route like Miami. Even if the strike isn’t resolved by the time of your flight you would be very unlucky to get caught in any disruption. I hope you have a great trip!

  • Hi, I’m travelling LHR-Barcelona with BA on July 6. No info online as yet… any idea whether I’ll be in trouble?

  • In relation to the Mixed Fleet cabin crew strike that is due to take place between 01st – 16th July, British Airways has now said “all flights to and from London Gatwick, London City and Stansted will operate as normal”. The airline plans to operate all short haul services but some long haul flights from Hearthrow may be cancelled. Further details can be found here:
    BA is advising all customers due to travel over the period of disruption to ensure that their contact details are updated on, should the airline need to contact them regarding a schedule change.

  • Got an EDI – LHR – YVR flight on August 2nd. Strong chance of a cancellation? The fact BA only fly once a day to YVR is all the more irritating, if it were to happen!

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for the question. If you were to be in the very unfortunate position of having your flight plans altered then BA will contact you in plenty of time. However, it’s incredibly unlikely that your plans will be disrupted. BA is operating the vast majority of their flights in spite of the industrial action. However, in some cases, there may not be as many crew as normal operating the flight.

    • Hello there, I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. British Airways cabin crew at Gatwick operate both short haul European flights and long haul flights to mainly leisure destinations.
      Short haul includes: Porto, Barcelona, Alicante, Naples, Malaga, Edinburgh and Faro
      Long haul includes: Fort Lauderdale, New York, Orlando and Antigua
      You can find a full list here:
      I hope this helps!

  • Really useful, thank you. What I cant seem to find anywhere is a list of destinations flown by BA WW crew – do you have this?

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      Unfortunately we don’t have a specific list of Worldwide crew destinations. However, generally speaking, this should be any British Airways destination which isn’t in Europe and isn’t operated by Mixed Fleet crew. You’ve got us thinking that we should probably create seperate lists! Thanks for the idea and I hope this answer is of some help!

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